Workshops for Educators

To inquire about any of the following workshops, contact the workshop leader(s) listed in parentheses.

Acting for Teachers: Applying Principles of Performance to Classroom Teaching (Maher)

All the Classroom’s a Stage: Infusing Drama Methods into K-12 Classrooms (Maher, Selwyn)

Asian American Literature (Louis)

Behind and Beyond the Headlines: Media Literacy and Critical Thinking (Selwyn)

Creating Readers’ Theater: Researching, Compiling, and Performing Original Theater (Maher, Louis)

Creative Non-Fiction (Louis)

Doing Democracy: Democratizing Classrooms (Selwyn)

Editors’ Techniques (Louis)

Fiction Technique: Searching for Story (Louis)

From Page to Stage: Writing and Staging Literary Adaptations (Louis)

Following the Threads: Bringing Inquiry Research into the Classroom (Selwyn)

Inhabiting History & Literature: Structured Role Playing for In-depth Learning about Complex Issues) (Maher, Selwyn)

Memoir and Memory (Louis)

Putting the Fun back in Functional: Traditional Games and Songs that Support Neurological Development (Maher)

Teachers Build Characters: Introduction to the Scottish Storyline Method (Maher, Selwyn)

The Art of Personal Essay (Louis)

Town Meetings (an interactive structure for exploring controversial issues in-depth and with respect for multiple points of view) (Selwyn, Maher)

Worlds of Fiction: The Self and the Other (Louis)