Jan Maher

Jan Maher

“The joy of seeing connections and patterns is physiological, documented by neuroscience.  Our brains love to make connections and patterns out of things, much more than they love listening to somebody else lecture about it. I think we sometimes miss the boat as teachers, in that we forget that the real thrill—and the lasting learning—for our students is in the discovery. My goal as a director, educator, and workshop leader is to create conditions in which people can experience the deep pleasure of discovery, and connect that new learning to what matters most to them.”

Jan is Project Director for Most Dangerous Women.

She presents the following workshops for K-12 and college level educators:

  • Acting for Teachers
  • All the Classroom’s a Stage
  • Creating Readers’ Theater
  • Putting the Fun back in Functional
  • Inhabiting History & Literature
  • Teachers Build Characters
  • Town Meetings

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Jan’s Books


History in the Present Tense

Available at Heinemann.com and Amazon.com


Most Dangerous Women

Available at Heinemann.com and Amazon.com


Heaven, Indiana

Available at Amazon.com