Doug Selwyn

Doug Selwyn, Ed. D.

“I want students to be excited about learning, and to gain skills and confidence in their ability to pose and answer their own questions. I want to create/facilitate the development of a learning community where our intention is to help each other to learn as much as possible, and to share that learning. I want students who are motivated to act on what they have learned, to become engaged citizens working on their own behalf, and on behalf of their communities.”

Doug presents the following workshops for K-12 and college level educators:

  • Behind and Beyond the Headlines
  • Doing Democracy
  • Following the Threads
  • Inhabiting History & Literature
  • Teachers Build Characters
  • Town Meetings

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Doug’s Books


Following The Threads

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Social Studies at the Center

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History in the Present Tense

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Living History in the Classroom

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