Nikki Nojima Louis

Nikki Nojima Louis“In my classroom, I strive for an artful teaching approach—what I call Passionate Pedagogy—utilizing the eclectic skills I have acquired through my work as a theater artist and creative writer. My approach is based on: 1) interactive techniques, which come from my experience in theater and my belief that a classroom is a community; and 2) mentorship: individual and small group meetings and projects to counter and complement the time in class that is communal. My job is to foster curiosity, courage, and a love of knowledge that will carry my students beyond the classroom into lifelong learning.”

Nikki is Project Director for Breaking the Silence, I Dream a World, Word of Mouth, and Most Dangerous Women. She presents the following workshops for K-12 and college level educators:

  • Asian American Literature
  • Creative Non-fiction
  • Editors’ Techniques
  • Fiction Technique: Searching for Story
  • From Page to Stage: Writing and Staging Literary Adaptations
  • Memoir and Memory
  • Techniques of Readers’ Theater
  • The Art of Personal Essay
  • Worlds of Fiction: The Self and the Other

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